Friday, January 21, 2011

Wash Day Knits

I had several knits laying out to dry after a woolen wash day which seemed like a pretty good time to take some pictures. The little brown and yellow kerchief is from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I had one wonderfully soft skein of cream cashmere yarn that I needed to use on a small project. Actually, I didn't even have enough for one project, so a friend used her spinning wheel to add this incredibly rich brown mohair to stretch what I had of the cashmere. She had suggested this super soft off white mohair (angora? Not sure.) which I declined because I loved the brown. Unfortunately, the brown feels a bit itchy around my neck which is kind of a downer. Shoulda listened! Looking through some pictures on Flickr, I found this one that looks just terribly cute. It knits up so fast and is so practical that it's hard not to resist the temptation to make another and another and another. I feel the same about the yellow knits in the first picture. They are the arm warmers/leg warmers I knit some time ago.

The rust colored cowl is called the New New Shale cowl and is available as a free pattern on Ravelry. I was determined to keep it but as much as I loved that little rust beauty, the truth is, I knew it would look better on my mama. Off it went.

The sweater. The sweater! It was finally washed and blocked for the first time a few months ago. I've posted it before here, but now it's done and feeling quite a bit tighter on my postnatal body than I would like. Luckily it's a cardigan and I don't have to have it closed in the front at all. The pattern is available for free at cosmicplutoknits!. I'm feeling some affection toward her Sagano shawl. Can I be a shawl wearer? I'm not certain I'm there yet.

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