Thursday, January 20, 2011

Manly vest

This is the "Manly Vest" (Ravelry link here, if you're a member) I knit for Adeline before she was born. Despite the name, I figured it would work just fine boy or girl and in my opinion it has. Andy however, insists on calling it her gladiator suit for some reason, claiming that the top of it resembles chain mail armor. I suppose it does just a tiny bit but it's still cute and I still love it and I still put it on her almost every day that it isn't somewhere laying flat to dry.
This is Addie in her Manly Vest, or...sigh...her Gladiator suit, soon after she was born and the following is her several weeks later in the same get-up as our holiday center piece.

I'm in love with those sweet fat cheeks!


  1. Congrats Jaime
    that is the best centerpiece i have ever seen hands down!!!
    She is so precious!

  2. Thank you Victoria. We sure like her!