Friday, January 1, 2010

Where we've been: Part 2

There was the sweater I couldn't put down long enough to do a post, but then there was also this whole project that came up sometime around the left arm portion of my sweater. This left arm portion was what I liked to call the last leg, the final bit, the home stretch. I was so very nearly done when suddenly there was a refinance emergency. This emergency brought on by no one other than my silly self now with a very new long list of things to do.
1.) Pull rug out from under happy holiday sweater knitting in front of fire.
2.) Make many calls to loan originator.
3.) (And now seriously dragging Andy into it.) Finish all projects on our house in a week.
4.) Hurry!

Check. Check.

And that is mostly where we have been these last many weeks. Right now it is feeling so very very good to sit in front of the fire with so many things finished that have needed to be done for so long just relaxing and enjoying each other.
And look, my sweater is still there waiting for me with just one arm to go.


  1. Now you have all of quiet, lazy January to knit by the fire. January is the kind of month where you just fill the days up with nothing. Or knitting. Whatever you prefer. I think my nothing will be reading some books I got for Xmas. And maybe blogging. Or commenting on other people's blogs. I guess I'm off to a good start.

  2. Wow, your house looks nice, can't wait to see it, you earned a LONG knitting break... or felting, that's what I am doing these days... Happy New Year, I hope the appraisal goes great, the guy must be blind if it doesn't work out!! Anke

  3. The house looks great and it must make you fell really good too. Well done guys! Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Can't knit a bit, but I could balance you by your fire or possible read your chakras. Whichever you prefer-just keep the fire goin'!!