Monday, November 16, 2009

Leg Warmers?

Mostly, what I have here, are leg warmers for Carmel. Mostly, you say? Yes! You see I have really wanted to cover those cute little legs up with some hand made mama love, but there was something about my practical side that wasn't letting me make her leg warmers.

I kept thinking that they weren't practical and that she would grow out of them too fast and on and on. Were sweaters okay to make? Yes. What about hats? They grow out of those. Yes, hats are fine too. Then what's the deal with the leg warmers? I just don't know. But look, you can see that she now has leg warmers. I only had to find a way to trick myself into believing that these could be as practical as a sweater or a hat. Or even gloves!
So yes, Carmel gets some adorable mini leg warmers to keep her darling little legs nice and toasty and when not in use, fingerless mitts for Owen...

Or me.


  1. super cool, I am glad you are finding (making) some time for a creative (and practical) outlet :-) anke

  2. I saw those on Carmel the other day and meant to tell you how beautiful they are. Leg warmers. I love it. Do you remember when the movie Flashdance came out and everyone wore legwarmers and jazz shoes?