Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I am popping in this evening to say that I will be popping out, but only for a couple of days.  Mainly I'm interested in doing a laundry test.  It's a simple test to determine if there is a correlation between computer running time and the size of our dirty laundry pile.  Said laundry pile is so incredibly large that I swear it's beginning to develop its own gravitational pull.  Now I realize you may think I am being facetious but really I'm quite serious.  I've noticed that the larger this pile gets the more other dirty clothes are attracted to it and long to be a part of it.  And they do.  So this pile of clothes just gets bigger and bigger and this is why I think I'm right about the whole gravity thing.

But anyway, here's the deal.  When this test is over I'm not going to be commenting on the outcome or anything.  And the reason is, of course, because either outcome would be incriminating in one way or another so I think I should just keep it to myself.

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