Friday, November 18, 2011


I've been attempting to design and sew the perfect (for us) smock.  Now I realize that most smocks are reserved for painting and all other sorts of get-dirty-and-have-fun types of crafts, but for us eating also falls into this category.  There are at least two members of our small tribe around the table at each meal that really like to experience food.  They want to know how it smells and tastes just like the rest of us of course,  but they also want to know how it feels.  I'm not talking about just touching the food.  Think sculpting.  Or better yet,  massage.  Sort of like- what does this food feel like when I work it into my knees and elbows and while I'm at it, my hair.

So what I'm looking for here is really more of a, dining smock. Bibs don't cover enough.  Neither do aprons.  No, we need more coverage.   Painter's suit?  Mechanics coveralls?  

I think I'm getting close with these, but if anyone has any suggestions I would gladly hear them.


  1. They are seriously cute!
    Both my girls had similar 'smocks' for eating, which were made by their fabulous Grandma. They were invaluable....
    My one tip would be to avoid pockets. They just get filled with food, and if you forget to empty them after every meal/snack they get kinda 'yucky'.

  2. Fiona- Ha! I just found out about the pocket thing tonight at dinner. Very funny. That thing looks like a stuffed pita pocket sandwich! Thank you so much for the input.

  3. i like it... its orange purple color clothes :D