Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Knitting for Peace

It's not just the title of a book. Although, it is a book (link here) and a wonderful one at that. For me, however, knitting for peace has been more of a mantra or a meditation. Over the last several months as I moved through my pregnancy with Adeline and on to adjusting to our life with a new tiny person and family member, knitting has been my calming focus. Each time I pick up my needles I am gently reminded to stay in the moment, this moment, as our family moves steadily through our months, weeks, days and hours together. It is five minutes or 5 stitches towards something I know will be finished just a little bit at a time. It is a single knitted row of something predictable, when so very little of life as a parent seems to be. It is a few minutes here and there throughout the day that, for me, holds a familiar and comforting beat. A slow slow rhythm, a whisper, of-Knit-Knit-Knit-Knit-Knit. It just feels so good.

{Swirled Ski Cap from Knitting for Peace}

For the next several days I will be posting some of the knits that have been stacking up around here. For now, it is much easier on my tired new-baby-nursing-mama mind, to post a few pictures rather than think of something to say, considering, I have a hard time remembering the name of that white stuff that comes out of cows...seriously!

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