Friday, June 5, 2009

A day in the park

Yesterday we stopped in at the park to enjoy some blue sky and cool weather.  I laid back with my head on our blanket and stared up at the beautiful Catalpa trees.  I was trying to convince Owen and Carmel that these Catalpas are some of the loveliest trees we have around here. They weren't sharing in my enthusiasm for the trees.  Owen gave me one sideways glance.  Carmel chewed on a leaf and then spit it out, unimpressed.

Maybe if I could have really gotten their attention they would have agreed, but you see my lovely Catalpa trees were competing with this for attention...

...guy swinging from crane.
...guy swinging from crane with chainsaw in hand.
I will have to admit that it really was quite a splendid show.  They were completely mesmerized and thoroughly impressed.  Mouths open.  Forgetting to blink.  I was worried a few times that they had stopped breathing.  And to be honest, after about five minutes into the show I was thinking, "what trees?"

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  1. This is a comment to the matching outfits... : Do it, as long as she doesn't care, I have to bribe Mia to wear matching stuff with Ella, even though i thought she would love it... but the lady has mostly different closing choices... Anke