Monday, June 8, 2009

Jam Update

{Carmel doing the jam taste test}

The canner got a bit of a workout this past weekend. We now have 35 jars of strawberry jam/marmalade canned and stored. I keep imagining how wonderful it will be during those cold winter months to open a jar of homemade jam. It will be such a sweet reminder that strawberries really were growing in our garden over the summer.

I have been planning to post the recipes I've used so far but I haven't gotten to it just yet. I promise I will do it soon though.


  1. Hi, for anyone who can't wait for the recipe like me, this is what I used last weekend and it is very delicious. I used less sugar, 5 cups instead of 7. I also added a pinch of cinnamon and a quirt of lemon. But it is very good.


  2. I love recipe zaar. I have really enjoyed the lower sugar option for the jam using the No Sugar Needed Pectin. The full sugar recipes are a bit too sweet for me. Still good though.