Wednesday, April 22, 2009

TV Turnoff Week

I am a little late posting this because, well, I thought it started next week and not this week. Late or not, I'm doing it.  Right, so, we don't own a television but we certainly could use a little less screen time around here.   These past couple of days have really made me realize how much I run to the computer for EVERYTHING!!!  Need a recipe?  Need a phone number?  Need to know about rapid oxidation?
This will be an interesting week.  I can already tell that I need to do some serious screen time modifications.  I wish I could elaborate, but my time is running out here.  I am shooting for one hour a day on the computer and my usual post, this one, AND doing our bills this morning (yes, on the computer for that too)  have all eaten in to my screen time goal for today.  So, with about 30 seconds remaining I have to get off of here.  I sure hope I haven't mispelled anything because there's no time to check.....

Find out more here on Unplug your kids.

Wanna do it too???

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  1. I'm going to miss those lovely glimpses into life in the valley. . . .but I guess I could log on less time as well. There's always the good old telephone. Meemaw Carmen