Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lilah doll

I found the sweetest doll pattern in Alicia Paulson's book Stitched In Time and I had to make it. Actually, I ended up cutting out enough pieces for six (SIX!!!) dolls.  After spending somewhere around 10 to 15 hours putting together my darling little Lilah doll I realized, well, maybe six was a little ambitious.  

Her arms and legs are really difficult to stuff and Paulson even says that in one of the side notes on the instruction page.  Do you think I listened??  No.  "Maybe it would be difficult for someone else but oh no, no, no, not for me," I said to myself.   Ha!
And really, the skinny little arms and legs are part of the charm of this doll no matter how difficult they may be to stuff.  When she was all finished she could stand straight up on her itty bitty stick legs (leaning up against something, of course) and she just looked so incredible cute in her own, slightly strange-looking, way.  

I love her. 

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