Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day 2009

I had originally thought about planting a tree or two for Earth day on Wednesday, but I didn't get around to locating the trees I have in mind to plant.  So instead, I decided we could run around the yard and identify some of the mystery plants (some may call them weeds) we have growing around our house.

I read somewhere in these pages that children are more likely to love and protect the things that they can name (I really wish I could have found the exact quote because I found it very inspiring.  The whole concept of good stewardship and our environment beginning with a name really struck a chord for me) .  So for Earth Day, beginning to give names to the plants growing right outside of our door seemed to be a natural place for us to start.
The goal was to find five plants and give them names:
1.  Ground Ivy, Creeper (Mint family)
2.  Heal-All (Mint family)
3. Coltsfoot
4. Periwinkle/Myrtle (Who Knew!?)
5. Common Blue Violet
6. This one pictures below is still unidentified.  Any guesses???
And of course there had to be an Earth Day cake with accompanying song....Happy Earth Day to you...Happy Earth Day to you....Happy Earth Day dear......planet...



  1. Oh I wish I had thought of that! Next year we will do something similar. Rowan would probably be a little more aware at that time too. Sounds like you had a beautiful day. Well done Mama Jaime.

  2. Hi Jamie - enjoyed your wildflower walk! Your unidentified #6 flower is Garlic Mustard, which, unfortunately, is very invasive. Every spring they have Garlic Mustard pulls all over the place in efforts to try to eradicate (or at least slow down) this plant. I found a few on my property last week, and I pulled them. I do not know if they are edible or not, though. Your Earth Day cake looks goooood!