Friday, April 24, 2009

Making Butter

I have been reading here and there about making butter.  Making butter?  I don't know why it has always seemed to me like one of those things people just don't make at home (shoes: that's another one of those things that come to mind).  So after I read a bit about it there seemed no reason why we shouldn't get out there in the sunshine and get to shakin' up some butter.  So we did.
We filled a jelly jar half full of heavy whipping cream, put the lid on it, and started to shake.  All little hands were on the project, naturally.  We took turns shaking the jar for about 7 minutes. At that point it looked like we had whipped cream and then after about another 4-6 minutes of seriously vigorous jar shaking we had butter and something else in there.  I don't know what the something else was but I'm thinking my extremely savvy mother-in-law could chime in at this point and tell me what that liquid is that separates from the butter and if I could use it to make something edible.  Yes?  Maybe?

It had to be played with a bit first before we were actually allowed to eat it, but that was completely understandable.

It was so good and easy.   I can't believe I have never done that before.  Easy.  Fun.  Useful. These are all really good things.  I would like to give it another go this weekend, but I'm thinking maybe it needs some fresh bread or scones to go with it.  


  1. Loved this post Jaime. I believe the separation is the buttermilk-oh so useful for cooking- and really the tastiest part!

  2. Soon we have to bake bread and make butter. We have made it, when I grew up and it was always a lot of fun. I think we put a marble in the glass for more shaking-effect.
    I am tempted to by those homemade ice-cream balls, but to be honest, I don't like homemade ice-cream that much...
    Hope to see you soon, Anke