Saturday, April 25, 2009

Garden tote

I suppose if I expect these little ones to do some work in the garden then they really should have a gardening tote to hold all of their supplies.  I looked around and couldn't find a pattern for a small-ish gardening tote.  This is what I came up with.
I would have liked for it to be a little more rigid.  I suppose I could add some sort of stabilizer to the inside to make it more rigid, but at this point ripping it apart and sewing it back together again just isn't appealing to me.  Call me crazy.
I have to say that I am really in love with the fabric.  I picked it up sometime last year at The Will.  That's my new nickname for Goodwill, which I hope demonstrates my incredible fondness for it.  I like to say something like..."yup, I love it.  I picked it up at The Will (pronounced  - The wheel!)  Ahh yes, The Will, where all of my favorite fabrics come from.  The fabric shack, I love. The Will, I love even more.

Back to the garden tote.  I sure like it.  Owen thinks it's a great place for his woodworking tools. This explains why I keep finding the gardening tools strewn liberally throughout the house, the porch and the yard.    So, it's possible I will have a second attempt at a gardening tote every bit as rigid and sturdy as I think one ought to be while this one continues to do its job housing hammers, drills, screws and nails.   


  1. I can't wait till The Will will reopen...
    Love the tote, we got some as a birthday gift from a friend last year, one for Mama, one for the girls (smaller) very nice and is part of our VERY extensive bag collection. If the amount of shoes and bags is any indication of Mias adult life... not good. But they are all hand me downs, so lets hope she will love THE WILL, too...

  2. I do love that will. Ha! Ha!
    Love your tote too.
    Aunt Lana