Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Toddler Gardening 2

I can feel these days stretching out as if the sun is finally beginning to awake after a long winter of rest. Each day those beautiful rays stretch to include just a few more minutes. A few more precious minutes. And as the sun promises to warm our faces a bit more today than yesterday, we find ourselves coming outside to greet it more and more.

This lovely weather has inspired many projects around our home the past few days. We have been building, sawing, sanding, grinding, painting and planting. I would love to share a bit with you on the planting end (at least the getting-ready-to-plant end).

On one beautiful morning this week, we gathered with our favorite shovels, the momma included, and went to work filling our trays with soil. These are the trays that will go in the cold frame we have set aside for our sweet kiddos. That morning I had imagined we would fill our trays, pick out our plants, plant our seeds, nestle our little trays down into their new cozy home and quickly wrap up our gardening plans. But oh these little people. They always have an agenda so different from mine. It's the un-agenda.

Instead, we sat on the soft warm grass the entire morning running our fingers through the potting soil while happily ignoring the little seed packages spread out all around us. Owen ran his shovel back and forth through the dirt examining all the bits and pieces he found inside. Carmel. Oh my little Carmie. At first she mostly just ate it, but once she had decided it didn't suit her palate she moved on to running her hands through it and letting it squish between her tiny fingers. Ahh dirt, a sensory delight.

As our bellies called for lunch, we slowly finished putting the soil in most of our trays, but not all of them. We packed up the potting soil. I put the seeds away for another day. What's the rush, right? What's the rush when we can sit outside in the grass, soak up the sunshine, and play in the dirt.

The un-agenda. I love it.

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  1. Jaime, as usual this was so nice to read. Your writing is lovely and you have a wonderful way to turn anything into a possitive - un-genda :) very cute.