Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A new look

It has been several summers ago now that this little family of table and chairs asked us to bring it home. It was like a poor unwanted puppy looking for a new home only not nearly as cute. Since the day we brought it home I have been wanting to clean it up and give it a new look but it just kept getting pushed further and further down on the project list.

As these warmer days came upon us, the little table and chairs called to us from a small corner in the barn where they usually spend the winter. They were ready for a little paint and fabric love.

My favorite projects are the ones that we all take part in whatever way we can, big or small. Taking something that would have ended up in the garbage and, as a family, making it into something we will use day after day makes me feel tremendously proud.

Being able to sit outside and have dinner on a warm almost-spring evening was pretty nice too.


  1. Very nice. You mean, the seat cushions don't fall off any more? How boring... At least, we can still pound on the glass table and make you nervous... :-)

  2. Anke's comment is cracking me up! I can't wait to sit outside with you all. Wren said this morning, "Mama, we really must take donuts back over to Owen sometime very soon."

  3. Anke - I know what a drag right? No more ejection seats. I suppose pounding on the glass will be the only thing left to replace the excitement factor now that our seats are fixed.

    Kristen - Yes. She's very naughty but we love her. Yum to the donuts.