Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Candling duck eggs

Well now, if this just isn't the coolest thing I've seen...
Last night Andy set up some lights so we could candle our duck eggs. He set up a light and got out each egg and held it up to the light cupping his hands around them so the light would funnel through each one. The whole idea here was to see if there were any veins forming inside so we would know if we had viable eggs or not. There were about 14 of the 16 that looked like the one in this photo, which means there are 2 in question. Neither one of us can stand the thought of pitching out the two that don't seem to be forming so I think we will give them a few more days to see how they are coming along before we decide.

We are down to about 20 days (give or take a 1/2 day or so) until our little ducklings hatch out. Suddenly I find myself wondering how that is going to work out as I look at this incubator sitting in the middle of my house. I'm imagining little ducks hatching out one by one, running around my living room and napping in my bed.


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