Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pine cone people

I have been feeling inspired lately (originating here, because she is such a good birdie momma) to spend a little more time caring for our bird population around here. So, last night Andy took Owen outside to collect some pine cones for a little project I had in mind for us this afternoon. This time of year nearly all of our pine cones are tightly closed up, but after they overnight next to the wood stove they are perfectly ready. Ready to become little pine cone bird feeder people, that is.
I have seen this activity in several different books. This one and this one are really my favorites because they have so many activities that are fun for me too (which is essential because, come on, the project manager really needs to be enjoying the activity especially when tiny participants are involved? Right?).

I had originally imagined them being cute little fairy-princess-like bird feeders but they didn't turn out like that at all. They turned out more like funny little bug-eyed bird feeder people instead which is probably better. Better because pretty soon the birds are going to come and pluck their eyes out and I'd hate for the feeders to be too cute when that happens. I hope this doesn't traumatize my children. I can just hear the therapy session 20 years down the road "and I loved it..and then...and then... this bird came and started ripping its eyes out...and my mom...and my m m m mom was just was terrible."
So then, without dwelling on any of the drawbacks here, I think we will all enjoy watching our birdies pluck away at these little guys.

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  1. I love making birdfeeders, we did that with an after school program, peanut butter and bird seeds, WHAT A MESS. I thought 4th graders knew how to handle peanut butter...
    Unfortunately we have a cat here at home, and I don't want to make it too easy for Oskar to catch those little guys... anke