Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm that guy!

There are a few things that go on in our kitchen that Owen HAS to be a part of. It never really occurred to me until today after spending, what seemed to be, the largest portion of our day in the kitchen. Between breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner, I can't even count how many times I heard Owen call out, "NO, I'M THAT GUY!"

Starting from breakfast when Andy was getting ready to crack the eggs this morning, Owen yelled "No, I'm that guy. I'm the egg-crackin' guy!" Yes, Andy allows his son to crack every egg that is eaten in this house. Ahh, crunchy eggs? crunchy pancakes? Just pretend you don't notice and keep on eating! That's really the only thing to do.

At lunch, it just so happened that the cheese-slicer guy showed up. Now, this is a little touchy. I love my cheese slicer. I coveted it for many years before it finally ended up in my kitchen. It used to belong to Andy's closest friend and I was always certain he never really used it. I would find myself thinking about it at the strangest times, maybe while I was changing a diaper or something, and I would just blurt out "I'll bet he doesn't even use that cheese slicer!" Anyway, after a whole lot of that type of behavior, his cheese slicer finally ended up in my kitchen. It was MINE ALL MINE, but you know, now there is this cheese slicer guy who slices all the cheese. He really does do a fine job of it. I just miss it a little, that's all.

So for dinner tonight, I was getting ready to peel some vegetables when the peeler-guy showed up. I had forgotten of course that this is Owen's job, and really, I couldn't be happier about it. I have to say at this point, if you have an almost three year old then get them a peeler and turn them loose on some vegetables because the entertainment value is unbelievably high on this one. They love it.
And I almost forgot. He is also the food-grinder guy. He makes sure all of Carmel's food takes a spin through the food mill before it hits her plate which has to happen because our little girly still doesn't have even one little tooth in her mouth yet (I really love that food mill, thank you Anke!).
So overall, (and in the words of the boy himself) he's "a weally good (h)Elper-guy!"

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