Thursday, February 26, 2009

Chickie Google Chunkin'

I made this doll for Owen when I was pregnant with Carmel. I thought we could use it to practice what it might be like having a new teeny little babe in the house. Originally weighing in at 6 pounds, my poor son couldn't even lift her and eventually my niece ended up ripping the dollies arms off just trying to pick her up.

When I first made this little baby doll we called her Heavy Baby because she was modeled after one of Joy's Waldorf Dolls by the same name. I sort of made up the recipe for her based on this photo stream which, as it turns out, happens to be a great tutorial for making a weighted baby doll.
She has gone through a pretty radical overhaul since I first made her. She was WAY too heavy to begin with but now she only weighs about half as much as she did. Her arms have been reinforced (just in case anyone feels the need to swing her around over their head by her arms. That happens you know.)she was given a new cute little outfit and finally, thanks to Owen, a name.
Carmel's new best friend: Chickie Google Chunkin'

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  1. How sweet and what a great way to prepare Owen for his little sisters arrival.