Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A name...

The votes were cast and the results are in. This, of course, was all between Owen and I who just couldn't agree on a name for this little goaty of ours. Owen said, call it Little SkunkNut. I said, call it Cougar (a recommendation put it from Kristen and Company. Thanks for the suggestions, by the way.) Andy said call it whatever you want.

It was very hard to choose between all the names. They were just so funny, clever, and cute. Thank you so much for giving us some ideas. Owen even had come up with a couple of funny ones, one in particular I really liked. I had a hard time letting go of it even though he had retracted it as a suggestion from the goat name category....Google Chunkin'! (This actually turned into a doll name later....Chickie Google Chunkin'. I will introduce her to you sometime soon. We like her. She's cute.)

And so,with that all said, please meet...


Isn't he so super cute? He came out to meet Carmel and I while we were sitting outside enjoying some of the warmer weather we had today. It was somewhat of a surprise considering we were separated by a fence.

It just so happens that this little MilkDud of ours is so small that he can just walk right through the fence like it isn't even there. A fact that makes his goatmama very nervous, I'm sure.

After kicking his heels up while running circles around us for several minutes, he finally decided to come over so we could all get a better look at one another.

It was so very sweet to see these two babies meet for the first time like this. Aren't they cute?


  1. Is that goat clean. I know it's cute, but is it clean. I don't want my little girl to catch anything.

    Being Mom

  2. Mom- No, but he is as clean as he can be, all things considered.

    meijimeltykiss- Thank you