Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cold frames

Andy had a free afternoon this week to work on a project he has been thinking about doing for quite a long time. He is always working from his wife's very long to do list so it's rare when he gets the chance to do something from his own.

With some wood pulled from the barn, a few cuts, some screws, and a few pieces of glass he had squirreled away, we ended up with these in the garden just before dinner. I was only able to get a picture of two of the cold frames, but there are actually three. Well, kinda four.

The fourth because Andy ended up having to "rework" (that sounds so much better than tear apart and redo) the one Owen and I put together in order to get the glass to fit.
So now, NOW, our toddler gardening cold frame is ready to go.

Ahh, things always turn out so well in my husbands extraordinarily capable hands! He's so wonderful, that guy of mine.

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