Saturday, January 10, 2009

"Way Down Da Balley"

Maybe it was a little more like "uhWhy down da Bal-ehhhh." That is what Owen used to say when we asked him where the cows ate. It is way down in that valley where he believes all the really good stuff happens in his sweet little toddler world. He has logged many hours watching that valley from every angle of our home, inside and out. We have seen deer, fox, coyote, mink, and so many beautiful song birds, humming birds and hawks. Since the view from the window above the kitchen sink is the same, it can even make washing the dishes a pleasure. Seriously.

He's right, there is some really great stuff going on "way down da balley."

It happens, however, that we keep just as many interesting critters running around inside too. You wouldn't believe how many times in a week I have to use this to figure out what is crawling around. I am certainly not going to tell you how often, for we may never have another visitor to our home again if I do. I don't think Owen appreciates the bug guide as much as I do. He just wants to know, "can I pick it up?"

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