Thursday, January 8, 2009

A white return

It was such a pleasure to find some snow on the ground around here after returning home from Minnesota. We were spoiled by all of that beautiful white snow up there and we were sorry to have to leave it behind.

As soon as we were rested, we geared up and headed out around the house for a little sled riding, which didn't last too long. There isn't enough snow around here to really GO. We made a quick switch to hiking which turned out to be just the thing we all needed to stretch out our tired driving/riding legs.

Owen spent some time cleaning off most of the snow covered trees he came across. Later he turned around to see the "big mountain" (it's a hill) behind him and declared he was a mountain climber. This, of course, came from two weeks of being around some very influential older cousins. Very cute. He made it to the top of that big hill but Andy had to carry him all the way back down, back up the next big hill, and finally into his bed.

Carmel finally got her hands on some snow today. Judging from the amount of snow that ended up inside her snowsuit (oh, and the screaming), I'm guessing she got her hands on more than she would have liked. She'll come around.

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  1. Jaime, I love this blog. Keep it up so I can see my beautiful little ones and won't miss them during the week.

    When traveling through the woods, make sure you keep your cat bait with you.