Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The last minute voters

At home-

Me:     Okay everyone to the car. Quick.  Owen you grab the bowls.  Carmel you take the spoons.  Andy do you have the pack for Addie?  Shoot.  I can't find the keys.
Andy:  We have 11 minutes.
Me:     Do you have the keys?  Ohp. Nevermind.  I've got 'em.  Shoes?  Carmel, forget the shoes you don't need 'em.  Well, if you want to put them on then put them on, but you really need to get in the car.  Do you have the spoons?  Don't forget the spoons.  Okay.  In?  Everyone in?  I've got the oatmeal.  Are you all buckled?  No?  Well, get buckled.  You got it?  Did it click?  Okay.  Let's drive.

At the polls-

Andy:    I've got Addie.  I need the backpack.  Jaime, can you hand me the backpack?  Jaime!  I need the backpack.  I've got Addie.
Me:       Oh, the backpack.  Yeah.  Hey, are you taking Addie?  What?  No, I didn't hear you.  Okay, so you've got her then.  Great.  Hey Carmel, Carmel, Carm look at mama please.  Leave the spoons in the car.
Me:        Take your spoon and leave all the other spoons in the car.  Okay? Okay.  Great.  Let's head in.  Hey good call on the shoe thing it looks like you did need those.  I'm sorry, what'd you say honey? Dinner?  Oh yeah, you're going to eat dinner we're just gonna run in here and vote quickly before they close.
Owen:    What's vote exactly?
Andy:     It's like...who wants ice cream?  And the people that want ice cream say, I want ice cream!
Owen:    I want ice cream!
Andy:    Well, we don't have ice cream.  I was just...saying that.......if people were......

Jaime:  What's that? Am I finished?  Yes.  You?  Wow, that was quick.  Let's go.  Everyone get back in.  Wait. Don't get buckled yet we're just going to eat right here. Yeeees, in the parking lot.  Owen do you have the bowls?  Great.  Hey Carm, we need those spoons now.  Okay grab your bowl and have a seat.  Yes, it's oatmeal.  Those?  Those are raisins.  Yes, this is your dinner.  Here take it.  Got it? Got it? Okay.  Is it warm?  Good.
   [exchange frantic look with partner.]              

"Well, we made it," says Andy.
"Yup, we made it," says me.

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