Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Right now...

I am:

feeling the after effects of The Cove (which I stayed up entirely too late last night watching);
predicting that I will be spending far too much time here and here now as a result;
agonizing over how to cook some new-to-me cuts of meat in our freezer (sorry that is a poorly positioned sentence because the cuts of meat have nothing to do with dolphins...just in case you thought so);
adjusting to the new flow this season is bringing to our home right now;
making all sorts of plans to paint the things that are begging to be painted;
pouring over this site I recently found that carries no VOC paint (and honestly I think I just like the name of the company and also that they have a color palette called The Land of Nod.  I know.  I'm like that).
aching to have some free time in my sewing room so I can run my hands over some fabric and dream.
puzzling over why our cat keeps eating the dog's food and why our dog keeps eating the cat's food.
wondering how long these two little people will be able to occupy this perfect seat and
loving that right now...they can.

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