Monday, April 11, 2011

Getting rid of junk mail

I had read somewhere (actually it was here, in the comments section I believe) this really great idea about getting rid of junk mail for good. Simply take all offending junk mail in hand, write this short clear instruction on each piece and send it back to the sender. So very simple.

I printed out the labels and Owen dutifully put a sticker, sometimes three, on each piece of mail. We then went to the post office. The post office, because we didn't want to offend or trouble our very kind mail carrier lady whom we all love dearly. And why shouldn't we love her she's wonderful, she even gave us our very first chickens from her own batch. Well, the eggs from her own chickens that we incubated but still, you get the point. So yes, to the post office to send off these nasty little demons that are cluttering up all horizontal surfaces of our home. We put them in the box and said, " Ha! Good riddance! Yes take that, all ye senders of offensive mail! And we drove off with our chins pointing up and feeling quite victorious. At least I did, Owen and Carmel were just gazing longingly at the playground that sits next to the post office and wondering why mama might be laughing strangely with her fist in the air again. Anyway, it felt good. It felt as if we did our part in saving maybe a few trees that were to be used uselessly. And it isn't even just the trees, but the fuel and all the other resources used to deliver something that will only be tossed in the recycling bin, which will only use more resources in an attempt to turn it in to something else. Ah yes, the good we did that day. Saving the world, one piece of junk mail at a time. That's us....

Can you guess what we found in our mail box the next day?

Oh yes, only every last piece we had just sent off.
And wow, delivered with such speed.
oh sigh!

I'm taking suggestions...anyone?


  1. Wait a minute: the mail was sent to you and they were the sender, but then you turned around and sent it back to them, so does that make you the sender now? Did the post office return it back to you, the new sender? (I'm imagining some postal employee getting a big laugh out of sending the mail back to you). Maybe if you put the sticker over top of your address, so they can't see your address, then they will have no choice but to send it to the original address. At least you could experience the fist-pumping thrill of junk mail victory again for a few minutes :)

  2. Yes, it happened just that way Lynn. I became the sender or rather the sendbacker in an attempt to have them remove me from their mailing list. Yes, I also imagine the postal employee laughing at me. I would be laughing to if I her him/her. I will try to put the labels over the address next time and tell you how it goes.

  3. Hey lady! Just so you know, Karen, Debbie, Judy and I will not be a knit night tomorrow because we are going to The Red Brick Tavern in Lafayette, Ohio along with an alpaca farm in that same area. If you have anyone's e-mails, please forward this on to them. It was just the four of us at last weeks library time. You are welcome also, I am sorry that I didn't write sooner, busy me:)...we are leaving the library at 3pm. Call me if you are able to play:). Also, the library is still available for anyone who wants to knit there...all they have to do is ask the front desk for the knitting group room:) Loving you!

  4. Jaime I bet you have to put a stamp on that mail or did you? Aunt Lana