Friday, August 6, 2010

In Memory of

One Legged Chicken
Please say hello, and goodbye, to One Legged Chicken whose passing came during the wee hours of this very morning August 6 2010. One Legged Chicken was being lovingly nursed back to health on our front porch after being viciously attacked by some nasty raccoons who have been terrorizing our poor sweet innocent animal flock, birds and bunnies both. The future was looking so bright for One Legged Chicken (so long as One Legged Chicken was a hen, but we weren't sure of that just yet) until this morning when we found feathers all about her( or his) unopened cage. Yes you read that right, the cage wasn't even opened. The vile little creatures just pulled her right through the wires of her cage. Raccoons are nasty heartless beasts. Oh, they look sweet and cuddly but just stick a poor injured birdie in front of them and see what they do. In fact, One Legged Chicken isn't the only bird that has become a victim of their nightly escapades, oh no. We have lost now, one bunny and two large Araucana Chickens (also known as Easter egg chickens) to these tiny tyrants. I am most displeased with their behavior and very sad for our loss of One Legged Chicken. All I can say is that these raccoons are in a lot of trouble.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.

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