Thursday, August 26, 2010

Creatures of the Valley

{Tenting out in the front yard, Carmel inspecting a turtle saved from the middle of the road, 911 birdie emergency, Carmel checking out the froggy in her froggy diaper}

So many little critters and creatures have come and gone into and out of our lives recently. Each visitor brings along with it an opportunity to develop a great respect for both the wonder and frailty of nature and her tiny beings. It has been such a good lesson for us as we dance around the issues of life and death doing our best to give answers that are both reasonable for a two and four year old as well as true.
I love to watch these little people as they examine each creature that comes to us. They notice so much and I always feel inspired to try to see more of something. To see what they see. They don't ever just see a frog. They feel it, smell it, listen to it. Sticky slippery skin. The smell of pond water. The loud deep calls. Big round eyes. I watch and learn as they form their own definition to go with the name frog, bird, turtle. What wonderful little teachers they are to have around. I have so much to learn from them.


  1. We finally found you! One of the greatest things about these first few pages is that your house looks like an idyllic, well-groom country estate. The magic of the internet!!!
    R & S Sachs

  2. Well, of course it is a well-groomed country estate. That's just the way we keep things around here as you know. Ahem.