Monday, July 26, 2010


Our garden has given us many many beets so far this year which has given me a feeling of such abundance. Over the winter we planted enough beets to get us through the colder months but we did not, we found, plant enough for us and the voles. They dug through our beds and ate every beet and carrot we were so carefully tending and waiting for. This time we planted enough for everyone, big and rodent size, to enjoy. The turn out was fantastic.

And so what to do with all those beets? Well, now we know we can't just leave them in the ground and pull them out when we want to eat them otherwise our tiny rodents will overeat. So, this weekend we had to yank all that were left and process them.

One word. Borscht. I love that stuff. I'm not sure how it is really suppose to taste, but I think it would be more accurate if we just went ahead and called my version Beet Soup because that's really what it is. Most of the Borscht recipes call for one beet, which just doesn't do it for me and certainly not when we have 20 pounds of beets ready to be cooked.

(chopped beets with carrots)

No my recipe looked a little more like this:

All the beets in the garden. Check
All the carrots that are left from the garden. Check.
Garden onions, toss in 5 or so I guess.
Tomatoes? Well, how many are out there? Put 'em in.
Chicken stock, that sounds good.
Dill and Thyme? Yeah, go yank some up.
Peppers? why not...

The whole production went just like that until it was boiled, pureed, and three gallons were stored for the winter.

Good Feeling.


  1. Now that's a recipe I can relate to. I love making up soups.

    I don't have many beets, but the cabbage situation is getting a little crazy.

  2. Ever tried making sauerkraut?