Sunday, July 25, 2010

Big sewing

I was forced to bring out my big crusty (but trusty) sewing machine recently to finish a project that was pretty new to me. A friend of ours takes apart old trucks, changes them around, and then puts them back together again to make, what I think is the right term, rat rods. Very cool. Very involved. Way above my head. All I needed to do was reupholster a seat that had been all switched up.

So our kitchen floor looked a bit like this for a few days and my living room had a large truck seat in it, which my kids enjoyed quite a bit. Really, how can you resist playing on a big seat that is usually only found in a large vehicle and now here it is in your very own living room? Well you can't I tell ya, because there are all sorts of places you can pretend to be driving to. And that's what they did while their crazy mama, I hate to admit, yelled things like " get off of that seat it off gases chemicals that are bad for your...(insert whatever bodily system you may be worried about at the time.)" Yup, that's what I did.

And then when I was all finished with the sewing part (Our friend, Rat Rod Man, still had to install pieces of foam on both the back and seat, which is why it looks a little wrinkly where I'm sitting) I went out and finished off a big bowl of noodles while giggling continuously. I just kept thinking of all those super hot mamas they have laid across these seats in hot rod magazines and then there's me....

a big pregnant noddle eating mama.


  1. Hey Jaime why did you stick all those pins in Santa or whoever that man is? What did he ever do to you?
    IF i need some sewing done - i know who to call!
    was thinking of making cornices for all of my transom windows- what do you think? vschnorr at zoomtown dot com

  2. hahahahahahaha that last comment about the pin cushion really cracked me up.

    I think you should give birth right there on that truck seat. It could be like your birthing stool or something.

    Maybe rat rod man wouldn't be so thrilled, though. But it could make a really good story, too. Perhaps it would even increase the value of his rat rod. It would be like legendary. Especially if the kid grows up to be someone famous. Then you're talking big money.

  3. Victoria - Yes, I know that looks bad doesn't it. It is Raggedy Ann on one side and Raggedy Andy on the other. I've had it since I first began to sew. I just can't give it up even though it looks like I have some sort of voodoo going on.

    Lynn- Great idea I'll see what he thinks. He could even have two birth options for his seat because, you know, that cute little blonde wife of his is pregnant too.