Sunday, February 7, 2010

A few new additions

Yesterday we found three new bunnies willing to take up residence in our green house. Not just any bunnies of course, but California meat rabbit bunnies. Yes, you read that right. Meat rabbits.

Oh my. Can we eat bunnies? I am hoping that on the day of harvest all of those cute little bunnies turn really ugly and mean. Wouldn't that be nice? It sure would make it easier.

But the truth be told, someone must have already thought about the cute factor when they started this breed for meat because they really aren't all that cute. Seriously.

And that's just what I'm going to keep telling myself!


  1. Ha ha! I bet Owen has already named them! It's going to be tough to see them as food Jaime. Good luck with that!

  2. I wonder if they also have black meat... we will come for the cute test really soon. I'd appreciate if you wouldn't go into detail with your dinner plans with the girls, though... we might have to do a midnight rescue trip... and I don't want bunnies... dog, cat and ... frogs are enough animals in our house... :-) Anke

  3. I know it seems bad. I do, however, find great comfort in knowing the animals that will eventually feed our family were loved and well cared for. I don't always know that when I pull it off of the supermarket shelf. I'm counting on that knowledge to get me through my first bunny dinner.

  4. Are they the kind that have those weird pink eyes? I don't like the pink-eyed bunnies. So go ahead and eat them.

    Seriously, I think you're right about the loved and cared-for thing. And I think it helps us to be grateful to the animals that gave their lives for us to live. It is hard to have such a connection to our food when it comes from the grocery...we take it for granted that a living breathing creature gave its life for us. are fostering a love and gratitude for all of creation! Not an easy thing to do these days. Hurray for you!

  5. Lynn, that has been brought up many times in our home when talking about steps we can take towards feeding ourselves. An animal always has to give its life when we put meat on our table, but when it comes from our backyard we are certainly more connected to it. I think so much good can come from it.

    And yes, big pink freaky eyes.