Monday, February 8, 2010

A cookbook

I'm just wondering if everyone has their own sort of crazy recipe collection that is completely out of control or would that just be me? For the past several weeks I have been collecting recipes that I have had stashed in various corners of our house. You would not believe the places I have found them. Seriously ridiculous places! But today, TODAY my friends , amid an avalanche of Legos and recipes I organized my little cookbook.

{this photo taken by Owen}

{Carmel's perfectly timed Lego toss}
It feels so good to have all of these things in one place. The great hope then is being able to find a recipe when I need one. I was certain every time I wanted to make mushroom wild rice soup that I must have a recipe for it somewhere. Well I did. SIX of them!

So if anyone needs a recipe (or 5) for mushroom wild rice soup, I have a few extra copies.

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  1. I'd be willing to TASTE the Mushrooms Wild Rice Soup and than decide, if I want the recipe... :-) and you know that everything in my house is much more unorganized than in yours... :-) And my recipes are in German and English, which obviously includes different measurements and temperature. Anke