Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Birdie cookie

Did you happen to know that February, in addition to being irritating to spell, is National Bird Feeding Month. True story. I was all keen on making bird seed cookies last year for this occasion but never got farther than making our traditional pinecone bird feeder people. We have tried out one batch of bird cookies so far and we did not have too much luck. They turned out pretty cute but so crumbly that we couldn't really string them like we had planned. The other problem, that is certain to remain a problem, is the whole idea of calling them COOKIES. When a person, especially a small person, makes a cookie they expect (and often demand) to EAT the cookie.

So today, to avoid long explanations about why we should not eat the suet cookies that we made for the birds, we decided to just celebrate the little birdies with some bean drawings.

Maybe we will try the bird cookies in a few more days, but the cookie calling has to go. How about birdseed wafers? Birdie biscuits? Tweety treats? Any ideas?


  1. Well, you're way ahead of me with actually baking something for the birds...lately just crumbling up the leftover stale bread and crackers is excitement, at least it was for Eli because I let him crush the rice cakes in a bag with a mallet so we could spread them around the yard. We had a good crowd of starlings that day. Gee, I hope puffed rice is OK for them to eat. I know uncooked rice is not good. Do you know? Oh, don't tell me I just celebrated National Bird Feeding Month by killing a bunch of birds.

  2. A mallet! What a great idea. I love it. I bet Eli was thrilled. I don't think you have anything to worry about with the puffed rice. Those starlings! Grrrr. For birds they're such pigs.