Friday, January 1, 2010

Where we've been: Part 1

Where on earth have we been? I feel like I should apologize for being away so long. I'm sorry! I wish I could say that it was the busy holiday rush that kept me from posting here for over a month, but we really don't have a busy holiday rush at our house, so that wasn't it. I can say, however, with a fair amount of certainty that it all began with this (free pattern) sweater and several skeins of yarn I brought home from our wool gathering this fall. Once I started in I couldn't pull myself away from it. It was all about knitting all the time breakfast, lunch, dinner, and stop lights. More on that later.

As the holiday's moved in we found ourselves at a local tree farm searching for the perfect tree.

We found it and said hello to some reindeer. We brought our tree home and commenced the decoration creation process with only a slight bit of popcorn breaking needle poking frustration. All frustration soon forgotten however once those lovely bits of garland were hung. Carmel continues to enjoy the garland even into the new year. She thinks it's delicious.

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