Sunday, November 15, 2009

Train rides

So my little boy got to take a train ride for the first time today. Oh the excitement. Those little boys do love trains, don't they? But when I go back and look through the pictures I can't help asking myself who enjoyed it more...
Was is the big boy or the little boy?

It wasn't Owen who sought out the engineer and excitedly began asking all sorts of train questions. Oh no, that would have been my dear sweet Andy . "Shipped in from the east coast, you don't say....Now, what about this pipe that's coming out over here in front of these wheels....Sand!...Is that right?...Sure, a little friction to get it moving I suppose....right, right...Yeah, so it's that old...well now, that's really somethin'...and is that what this line is running to here?...How many volts did you say?....."

Owen would periodically nod to confirm that, Yes! Sand is an excellent idea or Yes! 450 volts is a lot of power.

All I could do was stand back and watch, listen, as my heart skipped beats, usually from coffee, but this time from some overdose of pure sweetness. What a perfect pair they are.

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