Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Making Messes

We have been trying to find the time (and space) lately to dig in and really mess things up with paint. I usually like to set up all of our painting activity outside but it will continue to get more difficult to do that. These cool autumn days are quickly beginning to consume our beautiful summer weather around here.
So we have been taking advantage of as much afternoon warmth as we can; chasing the sun around the front porch and making big colorful messes whenever we can.


  1. Oh, don't we all like it.... Yes, it will be tricky in the winter with that stuff... I am not looking forward to it. Anek

  2. Yes! We ALL like it. In fact I am looking forward to making a mess with clay tonight--see you there!

  3. Wouldn't cut off sleeves from sweaters be just dandy leg warmers--maybe more for mama than Carmel?