Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Green housing

getting closer...

This is the new gardening adventure that has been keeping our hands and minds occupied lately. We have been having such a good time dreaming about all of the winter possibilities that this new space could bring. What about a swing? a wood burning stove? a hammock? a big table to do crafts on? Oh right, I nearly forgot, FRESH FOOD! IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER! Oh yes, we are certainly excited about this little addition. Hmmn, maybe not so little. It seems to be about as big as our house. But hey, if you decide to go and put a big hunk of plastic in your yard then don't hold back. GO BIG. Right?
Welp. That's just what we did.
And my...oh my, this is going to be fun.


  1. congrats to your second living room...Anke

  2. Hey Anke, there you go! That's what you need in your back yard ;) Now I wouldn't go quite as far as these enthusiastic people way down the valley, but a little one for the winter months could be good. We are thinking about getting a small one but have not given it serious thought yet. Jaime, we are very excited to see what this project of yours will deliver.

  3. Thank you. Thank you. Yes, we are very excited about the new living room. You know Andy has already started eyeballing the one on Craigslist Elaine. You better check it out before he gets a chance to think too seriously about it. I can hear him now "well, you said you wanted a sun room dear..."

  4. Hey Jaime and Andy I want one of them.
    Love aunt Lana

  5. Well Aunt Lana, you are always welcome to come play in ours!

  6. A house full of green growing things...how beautiful! I covet it,too.