Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Vacation Tour: Clare's Well

Sister Carol (Andy's Aunt) is a Franciscan Sister who runs a retreat center in Annandale Minnesota along with two other Sisters. They live in this spectacular old farmhouse that is so cozy and inviting. And just a few steps out of their door you can see the branches of apple trees heavy with beautiful red apples, a pond surrounded by lovely tall grasses with so many wonderful shades of green, and a barn filled with all sorts of fun little creatures.

Owen was excited to get in the barn to see the Peacock babies that have recently become residents at Clare's Well. We visit the Peacocks at our local fruit farm, but we had never seen any of the babies. They are so perfectly sweet. At least I thought they were sweet anyway. While we were checking out these little peababies Owen looked at me rather seriously and in a low sort of monotone voice said "Those aren't peacocks." Sister even tried to affirm that, yes indeed, they are Peacocks and you can tell by that crest on their head. Owen, with the same tone looked at the two birds in front of him and said, "No they aren't." Apparently, Peacocks are green. Period.

After we stared at the little white bodies of the peababies for a bit, Sister led Owen on an egg hunt through the barn where their chickens lay eggs in all sorts of different spots. It was so very amusing to watch Owen, wide eyed, running with great excitement to what he thought might be another secret egg laying location. Oh my, I can't tell you how that makes me want more chickens. It sure does.

One of the many things I love at Clare's Well is their Labyrinth. I had never seen one until I had visited there. The one they have looks a lot like this one with the prairie grass and all. It is so peaceful to walk through it and this time Owen and I were able to do it together. I was so excited to walk the entire thing with him, but I had such a strange feeling about it. It was almost as if I was just trying to finish it without really enjoying it. Owen must have sensed my crazy-mama mood because he slowed way down and waited for me to turn around and then he said very slowly "Just sit with me for a minute."

And so we did.

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