Tuesday, August 11, 2009

tepees and sunflowers

{more from Parky's farm}

I love how big this garden tepee is. It's hard to get an idea of just how large it is from this picture, but if you can see the small flower hanging over on the left side of the tepee that would be about 5 feet up.
Each of the eleven poles are about twenty feet long and lashed together at the top. There are several websites around that talk about how to build tepee structures as well as how to lash them together (these are just the ones I found most helpful, especially the second link).
The sunflower house was also quite large. I love the way they did the inside of both of these garden hangouts. They put down a barrier material to completely cover the inside and then covered that with straw. No mud. No weeds. Just a nice soft spot to sit down and relax.
It just looks so inviting.

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  1. yes we have trouble with weeds and mud in ours, so It really hasn't gotten much use. and we could make it with longer stalks. Next year... Even though, I think we can do another run tis year with beans...