Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A new rhythm

Almost three weeks away and so much to tell...
::That sweet little girly of ours had her very first birthday. Oh my, where did that year go?
::That wonderful man of mine and I shared our 6th anniversary together as husband and wife and I continue to be totally and completely smitten with him.
::Andy gained some ground into his forties and then, two days later, I gained some ground into my thirties. Happy Birthdays to us!
::Our raspberries came in. Dreamy.
::Almost 50 jars of jam happily perched on a shelf.
::What else...wonderful visits with family, walks in the woods, strange and familiar critters to read up on, oh and of course there were a few light beatings on a poor innocent little donkey.

Oh my how summer has descended upon us! There has certainly been a new rhythm to our days around here lately as this summer sun has grown in intensity. The weeds in the garden have grown taller and taller, but thankfully those beautiful rays of light stretch out into the evening offering us that extra bit of time we need to tend to what is most demanding (usually our thistles!) . We have found ourselves soaking in these glorious days of summer hanging around in the garden pulling weeds and nibbling on lettuce and berries. Say good bye to long stretches in front of the computer or curled up in the evening with some knitting. That is but a memory as those rotten little thistles taunt us from the garden threatening to take over every available bed and as our raspberries beg to picked and savored one plump and sweet morsel at a time.

Oh summer....(perfectly busy) lovely summer.


  1. Welcome back! It was so good seeing you today...and Happy Birthdays to one and all- I had no idea it was yours and Andy's big days!

  2. Yeah, welcome back and happy belated birthdays to almost all of you... I am working on a batch of strawberry jam just after trying to hem a flower girl dress (let's just hope she will be so cute that nobody looks at the hem... but if you try to convert some stiff polyester fabric from a 4T into a 2T, that's just what happens... I spent 1 hour just putting pins in it, let's see what the sewing brings... :-) Anke

  3. So lovely to see you all again. Welcome back. We missed you!