Thursday, June 11, 2009

Water sling

I have been trying to work out the details of a sling that will be good to use in the water. I know there are some really fancy ones for sale out there, but I figured a simple ring sling out of the right kind of material would work just fine. I love the solarveil fabric for the sun protection it offers tiny baby skin, but the fabric has been discontinued. I usually keep our babies all slathered and white with sunscreen so I guess sunscreen fabric really wouldn't make too much of a difference anyway.
There are great websites out there that offer all sorts of guidelines for making different types of slings. The one I find myself going to whenever I am in a baby-carrier-making-frenzy (like now) is the Jan Andrea site. She has several sling designs on her site along with all the information needed to make them yourself. I always go there first, before I start sewing a sling, to make sure my measurements are at least close to hers.
Hopefully we will be able to try out this new water sling sometime this weekend when the weather clears. I'm excited to see how it holds up while chasing Owen full speed all around the pool with The Carms in tow. Just the visual makes me giggle.
I am going to sign off of here until Monday and do some weekend weeding, possibly some sewing, a bit of birthday celebrating and maybe...hmmn..maybe the laundry.
Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Hey Little Carmel Happy B-day to you. I did try to call, but no answer. We love you guy's.
    Nana and papa

  2. Jaime! Where are you? Just checking in to see that you are okay. It's been a while since we've heard about the happenings way down the valley. We miss hearing from you all!