Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Baby Bliss

The babes and I went to a birthday party on Saturday and we took Baby Bliss with us to give to the birthday girl (whose middle name happens to be Bliss.  Love that!).  We don't know what they ended up naming her but we really enjoyed having our Baby Bliss around and we are sure going to miss her lots.  In fact, I just started another little doll like her this morning.  Owen, very sweetly, asked me "who is this little dolly for mama?"  I was a little embarrassed to admit, "Hmm, well Owey, this one is for mama."  Yes, it's true.  I am actually going to make myself a doll.  Also, I will not be listening to any of you who believe there is something wrong with that. Nope!  Just look at her.  She's sooo cute and I want one.

The Dolly 411:  
{The pattern came from The Black Apple via Martha Stewart.  It is really easy to put together and sews up pretty quickly.  I love that the hair is felt and you don't have to spend hours sewing on yarn hair.  The fabric is called 1974 Urban Chicks, I think.  Not too sure about that. The stuffing is 100% wool, so is the felt hair and scarf.  The face is painted on and she has beads in her behind for weight.   This is a really great, easy to make doll.} 

Stitch her.  Stuff her.  Love her.

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  1. She is very cute. I have admitted LONG time ago, that making dolls is for me and I am lucky to have girls who enjoy them, too... Anke