Thursday, May 21, 2009

Painted faces

Is the unibrow still in style?

Don't we look so incredibly scary, especially the Carms and I (hmm well, mainly me)?  Oh the joy of face painting.  Who knew?  Most of the day I forgot how ridiculous I looked because you know, it's kind of hard to see yourself unless you happen upon a mirror.   And come on, who has time to search out a mirror at any point during the day unless of course it is to apply copious amounts of extraordinarily difficult to remove face paint? 
At this point I feel moved to pass on my face-painting-EUREKA to anyone who will listen.    If you ever need to discipline a three year old and you want him to really listen to you, run to the bathroom, apply scary face paint and then quite seriously--Lay. Down. The. Law.

Let me tell you... 

this is the face that will be looking back at you.

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