Wednesday, April 8, 2009

One to go

On Monday evening just after dinner we watched as our first little duckling worked his way out of his shell.  One by one they have been greeting the world with little faces peering at them through the window in the incubator (or incuvator, as Owen calls it).  That first night we were barely able to sleep as these little guys were making their big debut.
On the following morning this tiny space in front of the incubator was rarely without one or two (and sometimes more) little heads in front of it watching and waiting. 

It has been so exciting to watch.  As I write this I am still waiting for our last duckling to come out of his shell.  His tiny bill is poking out of the shell now and his cheep is strong as he takes several deep breaths to get ready for his next big push.  I expect him very soon.


  1. they are sooo precious. Are they still in the fridge or already taking over the house? (how old are ducklings when they learn to climb stairs... ?) (or swim in the toilet...?)

  2. Oh my gosh- I never in a million years thought they'd be so cute right out of the shell! So much fun.