Thursday, April 9, 2009

He's Finally Out!

Our last little duck finally came out last night.  When he first started to poke his bill through his shell we thought for sure he would be running around within hours, but that just didn't happen for this little guy.  He struggled hour after hour trying to break free.  At first his little cheep was so loud and strong, but after several hours of fighting we could tell he was getting weaker.  

Finally, after he had been working at it for nearly 12 hours with no progress, we decided to help him out a bit.  I removed a few bits of his shell and tore away a small part of the inner membrane so he could work his way out on his own.

We didn't want to do it all for him because the last thing we want is some wimpy little duck running around our yard feeling sorry for himself "Oh poor me.  I can't even get out of my own shell by myself."  So you know, we helped a tiny bit but he had to do it himself.  And I must say he is looking extremely self-confident as a result.  Even though they are all looking exactly alike right now, we can tell which one he is.  He happens to be the only one with the green tempura paint marking his itty bitty head because, well because he is my favorite now and I have to know which he is so I can make sure he gets special treatment.  Naturally.


  1. wow, nice pictures. Are you going to share your chocolate with him?

  2. Jaime,
    I Hve written several posts, but can never seem to get a complete thought out. First I want to say that I rarely find myself envious of something, but your life appears to be from the outside looking in, very...enchanted!! I love it. Thank you for blogging about all these things. I can remember when I was little doing just these sames things and looking back it was also enchanted... it is such a huge gift you are giving your children. Now, on to your special ducklings, I am totally in love!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family, and please continue to share. jodi