Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tree stump seat

A very good friend of Owen's has a really super cool spot in his back yard that transforms into a secret cave when all the grasses, bushes and trees around it begin to grow in the spring.  His mama and I had been talking about how great it would be to give a couple of tree stumps a new home in that secret hide out.  

Later that day I started thinking about maybe a cute little stump with his name burned into it (with a wood burner) and maybe even a little seat for a friend.  When I ran all of this past my dear sweet husband, he fired up his chainsaw, got out several hand tools and began carving into this piece of wood.  Far above and beyond what I had envisioned!  He's really swell like that.  

Owen was, of course, really into the whole thing especially with the chainsaw and all (don't worry, we sat very far away while that was going on).  He loved being the size tester.  Every time Andy would make a few cuts Owen would sit down to make sure it was going to fit Sam. Extremely cute and entertaining. 

After Andy did most of the work I sat down with my little Dremel tool and carved in Sam's name and then used the wood burner to burn it in.   I also got to be the size tester for the other seat which would explain the size difference, right?  
Owen and Sam share the same birthday so the timing of it all was really quite perfect.  I can't wait to see them out there in their little secret spot talking about all the wonderful things that three year olds talk about.

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  1. Oh, that is really cute... Mia and Ella have secret spots, too... for their tea time... :-)