Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Superhero cape

I made this cape last week for my very dear friend's little boy, Daniel, who is seriously in to fighting bad guys.  I love capes on kids.  They just look so incredibly cute and doesn't it seem that when you're little you should really squeeze in all of the cape-wearing time you can because it isn't the same when you're an adult.  Big people don't think other big people should wear capes, what's with that anyway?  Suddenly I'm feeling cape-ish.  I think I need a cape.  We all need capes.  Maybe not, but Daniel did need a cape and so he got one.

I always struggle with the closures on capes.  To tie or not to tie.   To velcro or not to velcro.  I have never liked my cape closure choices.  Oh the things that keep me awake at night.  I finally decided on this closure which I really think is just perfect.  Secure, but not too secure.  That's what your looking for when it comes to capes, right?  Of course.  When the cape gets a good tug the binding slips out of the closure and the cape comes off.  I also like that it looks rather industrial and really, just plain cool.  Am I allowed to say that about something I made? Probably not.  Sorry.

Well anyway, here he is in his new super cool cape (oops, there I go again).  And now I'm off to see if I can size one up for his momma because I think she would like a matching cape.  Wouldn't they just look so cute together, running around the yard in their matching capes???


  1. I am sure, JIll would LOVE to have a SUPER-JILL cape.... but maybe you should start with one for you, just in case, Jill wants some cape-fashion advice... :-)

  2. Yes, I think you're right. Pockets. I think mine will have to have pockets. I really do love pockets. And should I put an M for mama or should I put a J for Jaime? I just don't know.