Thursday, March 5, 2009

A reason to sew

Sometimes there just has to be a reason. When there are tiny people around competing with the sewing machine for attention, the tiny people almost always win. As it should be I suppose. So, in order for me to get any sewing done around here, I need a reason that makes me run to the sewing machine and dig into a project before anyone gets a chance to change my mind. Today I had two reasons: a fun idea and a birthday party.

I must have dreamed about this project all night because when my feet hit the floor this morning I ran straight to my sewing room (room is generous people, it's really a closet) and started cutting, ironing, and stitching before I even had enough coffee in me to see straight.

This is what I ended up with: Clothespin apron and carrying "case"

Our sweet friend turned 2 years old today. A fact that, I'm sure, makes his momma want to weep. Well now, what to do at two? I had to stretch my brain to think about what Owen was loving about this time last year. Clothespins.

Yup. My boy loved clothespins. For several months, any can or box that came through our house was lifted from the recycling bin and ruthlessly stabbed with clothespin-sized holes so our son could see how many clothespins he could cram inside. Entertaining for everyone.

So, the new idea wasn't actually the clothespins and the little container with a hole on top. It was the clothespin apron, which I just love. There are two strands of thin clothesline sewn to the apron and one little pocket for all your clothespin-storage needs.

Owen said he would happily try out the apron for his friend as long as I would make a clothespin apron for him too.

I agreed.

*I'm loving the gloves and snow boots in these pictures that he insisted on wearing. It was 60 degrees outside.

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  1. Jaime, this gift is a real hit. We got Rowan suited up with apron, container and clothes pegs. There could be nothing better for a two year old boy. He not only gets to put stuff in containers but also gets to carry his supplies with him where ever he goes! Genius! And it looks so cute on him! I love the gift and appreciate the effort and thoughtfulness.