Friday, March 6, 2009

What Friday brings

A little yard work with a willing helper.

Some happy ducks.

Some happy spinach.

Some happy cilantro.

Happy boy.

Have a happy weekend everyone.


  1. Hey Jaime we love to look at your blog.Everyday
    your uncle Leon wants to know what is going on
    at your house.
    We love that happy boy, and sweet little girl.
    Have a great weekend.
    love you guy's Aunt Lana & uncle Leon

  2. Ok, Jaime, did you plant out that spinach and cilantro into the cold frames- fess up- you can't possibly have got that going from seed already? If you did, you are amazing- well, you are amazing anyway!

  3. Nana & Papa - Thank you. That makes me feel like I am not just talking to myself here.

    Kristin- No, When Andy built the cold frames he transplanted the spinach and cilantro. They both had wintered in the garden, but they didn't really do much growing until the cold frames started keeping them nice and cozy! So it's my husband that's amazing.

  4. Love the happy things you have growing there. Your boy looks proud of himself in that last photo - he's such a cutie! Have a good weekend!

  5. Eva Harrell said
    I can't believe you already have so many plants. It's still cold here.